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Heirloom/Colourful Tomato Seedling

Comes with one plant in a 4" pot. All varieties are vine-type (indeterminate). Most heirlooms have superior flavour but shorter shelf-life. 


Sicilian Saucer: Extra-large red fruit with ridged shape, great for sauces/canning and fresh eating. 


Aunt Ruby's German Green: Large green/yellow tomato with a strong, sweet flavour. 


Green Zebra: Mid-size round tomato, green with yellow stripes when ripe.


Earl of Edgecombe: Orange mid-size tomato. 


Black Krim: Burgandy- coloured mid-size fruit. 


Cherokee Purple: Burgandy- coloured large fruit with complex flavour. 


Brandywine: Large deep red fruit, excellent complex flavour. 


Grightmires Pride: Low-acid and low-seed deep pink heart-shaped fruit (Oxhart type). 


Garden Peach: Mid-size yellow tomato with a soft skin and sweet flavour. 


Lemon Boy: bright yellow mid-size tomato. 

Heirloom/Colourful Tomato Seedling

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