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Coronavirus Protocols

We consider your safety (and ours) to be of utmost importance. In order to ensure that our products remain a safe food source for our customers, we will be implementing several on-farm and delivery protocols. Regardless of our personal risk factors, we want our customers to feel that we have respect for everyone's health and all views on the ongoing pandemic lockdowns.  

Pickups of pre-paid orders on farm will be from the sign posted at our driveway, with hand sanitizer for customers to use before collecting their order. Cash payments may be accepted by placing an envelope with exact change in a provided box. 

Our delivery vehicle will be regularly cleaned and sanitized. We (or our delivery staff) will wear a mask while delivering, and sanitize hands after every delivery. Deliveries will be as contactless as possible - we will deliver items to your porch, vestibule or other designated area before knocking/ringing bell, and move away from your door before you come to it. Waves and thumbs-up are always appreciated, and we are happy to talk for a couple of minutes from 6ft away. 

We will still be accepting returns of plant pots, glass jars, and produce boxes. Returned items will be kept in a designated area of our vehicle during deliveries (which means that we will have a limit to how many items we can pick up each week). We will sanitize our hands after handling any returned items, and these items will be quarantined and/or sanitized before entering our home or production areas. 

CSA shares will be delivered in wax produce boxes. Boxes returned each week will be quarantined (in our delivery vehicle and on farm) and sanitized before every use. If we believe that boxes are contaminated, we will put them away for the season or dispose of them. 

We will still be delivering to depots for CSA pickups. Anyone picking up at a depot will be asked to use provided hand sanitizer and be considerate of physical distance. All members who use depots will be asked to let us know if they are sick with COVID-like symptoms so that we can make other arrangements for their delivery. Anyone who is not respectful of others' physical distance when picking up a depot will not be allowed to pick up from a depot. We also ask all of our depot locations to let us know if anyone in their household develops COVID-like symptoms, and we will make other arrangements for delivery. We trust all of our depot locations to follow safety protocols. 


All food handling on-farm will be done with attention to strict safety measures. This includes all harvesting, cooling/washing and packing orders. We will wear cloth masks and wash our hands frequently while performing all of these tasks. On-farm staff and volunteers will be trained in following these rules. We have worked in food-handing environments for at least 10 years, and understand and follow food safety protocols. 

If we or any staff get sick during the growing season, we will not be working with or handling any product. In the event that we or someone we have been in contact with has COVID-19, we will close the farm for the required isolation period. All of our pre-paid customers will be credited or refunded for their orders during times of closure. 

Sanitation methods we will use include: soap and water hand washing, hand sanitizer, bleach solution, hydrogen peroxide solution, sanitizing wipes, and good old UV light from the sun (for plants and plant trays). 

This is a very difficult time for everyone, and a very demanding time for us. If you are concerned about our safety measures, please let us know what you think we can do better. 

In addition to our safety measures, we are committed to providing good value food to everyone during this time. Discounted or bulk veggies are often available during the season. We donate excess veggies to our local food bank, Simcoe Caring Cupboard, so that fresh vegetables are available for those who are in need. 

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