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Who We Are


Adam Mohammed


 Adam is responsible for the field planning (including seedlings, planting schedule and layout) aspect of our operations, as well as managing field prep and planting. He is also the primary Farmers Market salesperson, creating attractive displays and providing friendly and educational customer service. He has a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from York University, in which he focused on ecology and organic agriculture. During and after university he spent close to four growing seasons working on various organic farms, mostly market gardens in Ontario, proactively learning about the production and sales aspects of a farm business. Other work experiences have increased his knowledge about sales; this includes gaining knowledge about sourcing and marketing of fresh produce in a small/organic/local grocery store setting. In the past, he also seasonally worked for a greenhouse farm based in Brantford, providing more sales experience and networking opportunities.

Nica vanBeuzekom


 Nica is responsible for most of our harvesting and packing orders, and our administrative work (including bookkeeping, online marketing, and email communication with customers). In addition to this, she runs the value-added part of our operations, turning surplus produce into preserves. Nica spent four full years working on various organic farms around the US and Canada, ranging from market gardens to small livestock operations. She did a variety of work in the field and in the kitchen, learning about preserving, and providing fresh meals to workers (in one instance helping to run a kitchen of an agro-tourism business feeding 20-100 people). Her work experience includes many jobs in cafes and bakeries, including helping to manage production in a small business. 


Each year, our team includes 1-2 market helpers and 2-3 on farm workers. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without them! 

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