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Details of our 2023 CSA

Read all about how our CSA works and what it costs below

Check out our Delivery Map to see where we deliver. 

Please read our Membership Terms, for details about rights, responsibilities, and refunds/cancellation. 

Signup for our 2023 CSA now!

Once you have submitted the form, we will confirm membership by sending you an invoice (with your preferred fee schedule and any applicable discounts) or let you know that you are on our waitlist. Invoices will generally be sent once per week on Mondays. 


  • Our 2023 CSA will run for 20 weeks, from June 7th to October 25th, with no deliveries October 11th (the week of Thanksgiving). 

  • All deliveries and on farm pickups will be Wednesday afternoon/evening.

  • Small Box, 3-5 items per week, average value of $17/week

  • Medium Box, 5-7 items per week, average value of $26/week

  • Large Box, 8-9 items per week, average value of $36/week

  • Base price includes a $6 per week delivery/packing fee 

  • Flexible payment options accepted, including paying on a week-by-week basis or in 2+ instalments

  • Discounts for returning members, picking up at a depot or on farm, and more (see below)

  • Choose between two options for some items each week, or let us pick for you if you don't have a preference

  • If there is something you don't want in the box, sub-in for preserves (1 preserve for 2 veggie items) or choose from a list of sub-ins, 1 sub-in per week

  • Payment is by e-transfer, credit/debit card, cheque or cash

BASE PRICE (before discounts)

Large (8-9 items)                           $840 or $42/wk    

Medium (5-7 items)                       $640 or $32/wk                         
Small (3-5 items)                            $460 or $23/wk


Early Bird (sign up and pay 1st instalment by Feb 20th)       $20

Returning Members*                                            $20 or $2/wk

Pickup at Depot*                                                  $40 or $2/wk

Pickup on Farm*                                                   $60 or $3/wk
Simcoe/Port Dover Delivery*                                $40 or $2/wk

Depot Host                                                           $80
                           *can be applied to members paying week-to-week


  • If you are away for a week, you can replace the value in preserves, double up on another week, donate your box, or receive credit for veggies after the CSA season

  • You will receive an email every week to let you know what is in the box; option selections and sub-in requests must be made by 12pm on Tuesday 

  • If you have food allergies, we will accommodate as best we can

  • Share will include information each week about the veggies you are receiving. Our online Forum collects recipes from many different sources and provides a place to discuss cooking and preserving with us and other members.

  • We try to accommodate all requests for picking up at a depot, and will let you know where your nearest location is if your preferred location is full. (See signup form for current depot locations, subject to change)

  • All veggies will come from our farm, except for the possibility of 1-2 items in early June and to add extra variety in the event of crop failures. We will always let you know if there are items from other farms, and will communicate the source and growing practices of any added produce. 

  • Eggs from another local farm will be available to add on as a standing order, on a bi-weekly basis for $6.50/doz

  • Fruit from another local farm may be available to add on some weeks


Depots allow us to deliver to more customers while making fewer stops. The timing of depots being delivered is not guaranteed. We make an effort to deliver all Hamilton depots by 6pm, but sometimes are unable to make it by this time. Members will be notified by text message when the depot is delivered, so they know when to pick up their box. 

Being a depot means:

1) a covered area to drop off boxes so they don't get rained on,

2) checking on shares on delivery day and letting us know if someone doesn't pick up,

3) taking care of boxes that aren't picked up (i.e. putting the item in your fridge or with an ice pack in a cooler, and making sure they go back out to be picked up)

Pickup at a depot means:

1) committing to picking up your box each week or letting us know if you cannot pick up, 

2) ability to receive text message for notification of when depot is delivered


We deliver your veggies each week in re-useable produce boxes. Each member will have 2+ boxes dedicated to their household, so that we can rotate. Boxes will be collected and returned to the farm each week to be sanitized before the next delivery. If you forget to return your box, we can bring another box into circulation, but we ask that members try to remember to return boxes each week. 

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