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Cherry Tomato Seedlings

All varieties come 1 plant per 4" pot. See below for variety descriptions. 


Super Sweet: Delicious, classic red cherry tomato. Plants are vine-type (indeterminate). 


Black Cherry: Purple cherry tomato with dynamic flavour. Plants are vine-type (indeterminate).


Bumblebee Line - Sunrise (yellow/orange), Purple and Pink: Large cherry tomato with beautiful stripes when ripe. Great flavour, soft skin. Plants are vine-type (indeterminate).


Sungold: Extra sweet orange cherry tomato. Plants are vine-type (indeterminate).


Esterina: Bright yellow cherry tomato with great taste. Plants are vine-type (indeterminate).


Yellow Pear: Pear-shaped cherry tomato, sunny yellow colour. Plants are vine-type (indeterminate).


Red Pear: Pear-shaped cherry tomato. Plants are vine-type (indeterminate).


Cherry Tomato Seedlings

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