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Cucumber Seedling

Comes with 2-3 plants in a 4" pot. See below for variety descriptions. 


"Mercury": Mini snacking cucumber. Tender skin lends itself to fresh eating without having to peel. 


"Telegraph": English cucumber. Tender skin and long straight fruit great for fresh eating. 


"Tasty Green": Japanese-type, similar to English-type, with good production and disease resistance. Long, often curved dark green cucumber with small seeds. 


"Marketmore": Classic field/slicer type, mid-length and thickness, high yielding and good disease resistance. 


"Wisconsin SMR" Pickling: Great for all of your pickling needs. High-yielding cucumber with good crunch and flavour. 


"Crystal Apple": Specialty cucumber, round pale yellow fruit, with a tangy flavour. 

Cucumber Seedling

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