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Here's what our past members have said about our CSA...

Comments are collected anonymously through our end-of-season survey.

If you see your words here and you'd like to be credited, please let us know!

Likewise if you would prefer for your comment not to be shared. 

"The variety was one of our favourite elements. I have friends in other areas whose CSAs deliver fairly routine items -- carrots, potatoes -- and everyone was jealous of the variety of unusual veggies we received. Honestly, it's been a highlight of our stay-at-home summer to receive such a wide variety of delicious and local food and we've really enjoyed finding new recipes and trying new veggies. ... We loved the recipe index online and the weekly emails filled with stories and photos. We'd happily sign up for a fall CSA if you ever offer one and will be looking forward to signing up for 2021's summer CSA." - Anonymous, 2020 Survey

"I thought the variety was terrific, and the sub ins made it absolutely fantastic! I think that is where you really stand out, by allowing sub ins. Other CSAs I've seen or had didn't." - Joanne B, 2020 Survey

"I loved getting the weekly email and seeing what was coming. I also liked having options so we could tailor our box to personal preferences. Lots of great, fresh produce. We tried new veggies and recipes. The cost was more than reasonable." - Anonymous, 2020 Survey

"I was always delighted by how generous the boxes were." - Anonymous, 2020 Survey

"Excellent value. Was pleased to discover new foods. I truly enjoyed my experience this year. The costs were reasonable and the food in quality and diversity were immensely better than my grocery store. " - Anonymous, 2020 Survey

"I was hesitant to order the csa after a bad experience with another company, and I am so glad I decided to get it. I loved getting fresh vegetables delivered to my house. They allowed some substitutions which was amazing to be able to avoid anything you may not like. They were always so inviting and pleasant to deal with. We also grabbed some plants from them at the beginning of the planting season and they all did really well even though I do not have a green thumb!" - Emily, 2019 CSA member

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