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Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Our Greenhouse is officially up and running! This week we will be starting seeds for our early greens in the field, as well as full-season fruiting crops and the first of our seedlings for sale. With the sunny, spring-like weather the past few days, it feels like our 2020 growing season has really begun. Tarps in the field are helping to warm up the soil early for our first successions of greens, roots and peas, to be planted starting in April. We are so eager to get started here!

Meanwhile, our walk-in cooler pieces are almost ready for assembly, and we have ordered/planned our sinks and tables for our covered wash station (where all of the veggies get hydro-cooled and/or washed and/or bagged). March and April are going to be so busy for us, with seedling production, field prep and setting up new infrastructure.

We are so grateful to all of our customers who have been stepping up to support us by signing up for the CSA or Market Memberships in the past week (and earlier!). These programs help our business to bring income where we need it most, when we are laying out expenses to set up for the year but aren't yet producing anything. Early signups are so vital for us this year, and the knowledge that our customers and friends believe in us and care about supporting our business means so much. Ultimately this isn't just a business - it is our way of life, our community, and our contribution towards living more sustainably on planet Earth. Thank you!

We have reached 1/3 of our goal number of CSA members for the year, which is awesome! We are so glad to know where our veggies will be going - right into the houses of our most dedicated supporters. This kind of market security for us is invaluable.

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