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Long time, no write…

Hi everyone, we’ve been working hard on the farm - lots of harvesting and fall prep to get us ready for the winter and set us up for next spring. It’s been nice to take a break from online communications while we are so busy - especially as we try to take some time to slow down and give ourselves a break. The unseasonably warm weather (still not frost in the 2 week forecast!) has meant that so many crops are still producing that would normally be done at this time. Both a blessing and a curse, this means more to harvest (tomatoes still ripening into October!) but also more harvesting work for us at a time when we had hoped to be able to slow down and focus on other things.

Thanksgiving is coming up, and we have such an abundance of delicious fall veggies - including so many squash and variety of roots. Greens, of course, are still abundant as always. We are always so happy to bring so many healthy veggies to our customers.

While we have been stepping back from the online part of our business, we are still constantly grateful for our wonderful and supportive customers, who come to us at market and on farm week after week. The gratitude that you all express at being able to get our fresh produce is multiplied back at you - the support of our community is such a huge part of why we do what we do.

While this year has certainly not been all flowers and sunshine for us, we’re glad to say that we’ve made it through this far while maintaining our passion for farming. There have been a lot of hard lessons to learn this year, and we have done our best to move forward with a better idea of how to take care of ourselves and the land we live on. We look forward to many more years of providing fresh food to our community.

One quick administrative note: those of you who get website notifications from us will have seen the multiple spam posts in the past few months. I’ve changed the settings on our website so that new members require approval - this should solve the problem of unknown people joining the website community and posting unrelated content. I had hesitated to do this because it means new customers can’t join and automatically interact on our website forum and blog (and it creates more work for me having to authorize any new members). But I hate spam as much as anyone, and I don’t want it to come from our site!

Thanks again to all of our market customers and CSA members for your continued support and enthusiasm for fresh local food! I’ll be updating everyone in November as the “holiday season” approaches and our preserves come back to market.

Happy eating, everyone!

- Nica

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