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New ordering and delivery/pickup schedule

This week, and until we are more familiar with our CSA delivery route and planning, we will be adding produce stock to the webstore on Tuesday for Saturday orders. You can order by 12pm on Friday to pick up your order (at Ottawa Street Market or on Farm) or for Saturday delivery. 

We have a new item in the Produce section of the webstore - Cloth Bag Program Deposit! If you'd like your order packed into a Branching Path Farm cloth bag instead of plastic, pay a one-time $4 deposit on the cloth bag. Each time you order or shop at market, you can return the cloth bag to us (clean, please, but we will also be washing and sanitizing all returned bags). If you are going to be returning a cloth bag to us with an order (and would like your order in a cloth bag) please add a note when checking out in the webstore so that we are sure to pack it correctly. 

We currently do not have reusable containers for our salad mix and other bagged baby greens, but if there is interest in a similar program for this, we will look into options!

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