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Online Ordering recap and time off

Our webstore has been busy every week with orders for pickup at market and on farm. It's been quite a learning curve to figure out the best way to organize the store within the platform we're working on. Constant improvement is what we strive for!

We will take a break from online orders for the second (and possibly third) week of September. I know that many of you who order for pickup at market every week count on this service, and I am glad we've been able to make it available. Adjusting to a new schedule and new routines in our household will take precedence for a short time, and we appreciate your understanding!

Online ordering will be back after the short break, and we will have farm direct produce for you for the rest of our season, probably through November.

You can order our fresh produce online through our website

- Orders made between noon on Saturday and noon on Sunday will be ready for pickup/delivery on Monday

- Orders made between noon on Sunday and noon on Tuesday will be ready for pickup/delivery on Wednesday

- Orders made between Wednesday morning and noon on Friday will be ready for pickup on Saturday

The online store will be closed from noon on Tuesday to Wednesday morning and from noon on Friday to noon on Saturday.

Complicated, I know! Managing the online store has been quite the challenge, particularly as the season has progressed and I have more work to do in the field. Thank you to everyone who has been patient with the ordering system!

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