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Revised End of Season Schedule

The short version is: we are unfortunately cancelling our delivery day on Dec 16th and attendance at Market on Dec 19th. Our hope is to do a delivery day on Monday Dec 21st, which we will confirm and post product for on Dec 19th.

The full details are: We heard from our Public Health Unit on Friday that our son is identified as a contact of a COVID case at his school. Because of this, he has to isolate, and one of us is supposed to isolate with him. For Friday-Saturday, we decided to isolate within the house, myself (Nica) and the kids from Adam, so that Adam could reasonably still go to market. With all of the safety measures that we have on farm and at market (mask-wearing, hand sanitizing) we felt that this was a reasonable plan. But we don't want to continue to isolate within our household like this, so we will all be isolating after Saturday, for the remainder of the period set by Public Health (until Dec 19th) or, in the event that any of us develop symptoms, a longer period of time.

We are confident that all of our safety measures provide protection for our customers. We have continued wearing masks while harvesting, packing, delivering and selling at market. We use proper handwashing/sanitation and surface sanitation. In addition, there is no evidence that the COVID-19 virus survives on or is transmitted through produce. Produce can always be washed and cooked in order to further reduce any risk. None of us have developed any symptoms, so we are following the recommendations of the Public Health Unit in isolating.

Thanks to all of our customers for such a successful year for our farm. We will be sharing information about next year, including our 2021 CSA, in January.

Beautiful sunset on Thursday, Adam working on the greenhouse

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