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Seedling Season

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us this season by purchasing seedlings and signing up for the CSA.

We will be closing annual seedling sales this Wednesday, May 27th. We hope to have all remaining seedling orders delivered by Saturday May 30th.

We have greens available for this week, May 27th and 30th deliveries. Next week, we will have NO Wednesday delivery on June 3rd. This is to focus on catching up in the field. We hope to be at Ottawa Street Market on June 6th, and will update everyone when we know for sure. Whether we are at market or have home deliveries, we will have greens (and maybe some roots) for you on Saturday June 6th. 

By next week, we plan to have our delivery schedule and main season veggie ordering all hammered out, including a new delivery area map with depots marked. 

Enjoy the beautiful weather and dream of summer crops!

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