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Seedling Season 2021

Well, it's been an absolutely crazy week of getting everyone's plant orders packed and delivered, along with one of our busiest markets ever... while also working hard to plant all of our own summer crops!

Because of our workload on the farm, I've decided not to reopen seedling sales on the website, as I don't have the time to inventory, update stock and pack orders. We still have many plants still available for sale, and they will be with us at Ottawa Street Farmers' Market and our on farm market this weekend.

This year we packed around 170 seedling orders (for pickup and delivery - as compared to last year's 275 orders, all for delivery), and produced almost twice as many plants as we did in 2020. We're so glad that so many people are gardening during these times, and hope everyone enjoys the bounty of their gardens.

Now it's time for us to focus on growing vegetables instead of plants for sale!

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