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Solstice Events on the Farm

We have had a busy Spring, with lots of plants sold and lots planted in the field. We've been bursting with fresh greens - especially some beautiful heads of lettuce and abundant salad mix - and now some more variety is coming in: peas, cucumbers, garlic scapes, radishes and more. The field still requires constant attention in weeding, prepping and planting successions, and harvesting. The work doesn't stop! 

We have two great events coming up on the farm! For the summer solstice, we are having a potluck and open farm with food to share and tours. Join us on Sunday, June 23rd from 2-6pm to see where your food is grown and chat with like-minded community. Invite your friends to carpool and come out to visit the farm. 

In addition, on the same Sunday, June 23rd, from 1-2pm, Adam will be running a tomato pruning workshop. You can learn about how to take care of your tomato plants to provide the best trellising support and disease prevention for good production. Cost is $30 per person. 

To sign up for the workshop, please email us. If you would like to ride share with others from Hamilton for the potluck, let us know and we can create a link to a private google doc where contact info can be shared. 

We hope to see you soon!

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