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Updates on Markets and Online Sales

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Unfortunately the Ottawa Street Farmers Market has made the decision to close for the "Garden" session which runs from April 18th to May 30th. We will not hear until after May 25th about their decision to reopen for the main growing season, "Harvest" session set to run from June 6th to October 31st.

While we don't agree with this decision and are upset by the lack of consultation with any of the farmers or vendors, we are moving forward with our online ordering system and will be delivering orders, tentatively starting on Wednesday, April 22nd. The Ottawa Street Market website has a list of how to contact vendors at Hopefully they will add other farmers as we get closer to the main growing season. All of us need your support at this time!

Market in the Creek, which is set to begin June 4th, is working on a plan to be able to operate. There is limited space for physical distancing at their location, so we will see what they can come up with - please let us know if you have been to this market and have any suggestions, as we can pass them along.

How you can buy your seedlings from us: order online or through email (please read our new "Webstore Info" page for all of the payment and delivery options available).

How you can buy your veggies from us: sign up for the CSA online or through email (read the "Webstore Info" page and "CSA" page for all the payment details). We have added 2 new box sizes to accommodate requests for smaller and larger households. You can also order custom boxes online throughout the growing season; the first greens will be available starting in a couple of weeks.

The Annual Mustard Seed Seedling Sale is also cancelled, as they don't have the capacity for proper physical distancing at this sale. They will be a depot for seedling orders - please keep an eye on their social media and website for information on how to order from all the vendors. (We will try to share that information as soon as it's available.)

Why are we sharing other vendors' ordering information with you? We're not the only ones who need your support right now! While we hope that you will order the majority of your seedlings from us, many of the other farmers who sell at the Ottawa Street Farmers Market, the Mustard Seed Seedling Sale, and generally through all the same channels as we do, are our friends and mentors. We want all small farms to thrive and survive through this challenging time, and have always cultivated a relationship of "friendly competition" with other Ontario farmers. If we don't have it, we hope you'll get it from someone else. If they have a better price, please feel free to spend your dollars wisely. Local food and supporting local farmers is so vital, now more than ever, for our food security. Remember that what you support NOW will be what we have LEFT when isolation practices can be relaxed again and we can all create a new "normal". So think about your neighbours, those less fortunate than yourself, your local small suppliers and everyone in our society who is struggling right now to make it through this pandemic. If you are struggling, we hope you can find the help and support that you need, as we have found in all of our customers, friends, family and community.

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