What is a CSA?

Details of Our 2020 CSA

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is a way for people to support small-scale farmers and get fresh veggies on a weekly basis. Members subscribe for the season by pre-paying to receive a box of fresh seasonal produce from our farm for 20 weeks. We cultivate a special relationship with our members, sending out more detailed updates and sharing the ups and downs we experience throughout the season. We grow extra variety for our members that sometimes doesn't make it to market - members often get the best of what we have, but also the opportunity to try more unusual veggies that don't always sell in high volumes.

We currently deliver in Hamilton area and Simcoe area. 


Depots allow us to deliver to more customers while making fewer stops. We will be doing everything in our power to ensure that depot pickups are safe during the coronavirus pandemic. If at any time you feel unsafe picking up at your designated depot, or feel that another member is not following our guidelines, please let us know and we will make other arrangements for your box or someone else's. Your safety (and ours) is our #1 priority. Getting fresh produce to you is a very close #2. 

- Being a depot means 1) a covered area to drop off boxes so they don't get rained on, 2) checking on shares on delivery day and letting us know if someone doesn't pick up, 3) keeping an eye on hand sanitizer levels to let us know when to refill, 4) letting us know if someone in your household is sick with COVID-like symptoms so that we can make other arrangements

- Pickup at a depot means 1) using hand sanitizer as required, or only touching your own box 2) being respectful of distancing with other members picking up and the homeowners (waiting for others to leave the porch before you approach), 3) ability to receive text message for notification of when depot is delivered, 4) letting us know if you are sick with COVID-like symptoms and we can deliver to you instead


This year, we will be delivering in wax produce boxes. Each member will have 2 boxes dedicated to their household. Boxes will be collected and returned to the farm to be sanitized before the next week's delivery. In the event that we are concerned about contamination, we will use a new box and put the old box in quarantine or dispose of it. 


- Our 2020 CSA will run from June 2nd to October 14th or 21st

- Deliveries will be Monday or Wednesday evening (depending on location), you can leave a cooler on your porch if you are out

- Small Box (New for 2020) 4-5 items per week, average value of $14/week

- Medium Box (formerly our only size) 7-8 items per week, average value of $22 per week

- Large Box (New for 2020) 9-10 items per week, average value of $30/week

- flexible payment options accepted, including paying on a week-by-week basis or in 2+ instalments

- Base price is $18/week for Small ($360 total), $26/week for Medium ($520 total), $34/week for Large ($640 total)

- Discounts for picking up at a depot ($40 off), being a depot ($70 off, please ask for coupon code), Simcoe/Port Dover/Waterford area delivery ($40 off) or pickup on farm ($80 off)

- choose between two options for some items each week, or let us pick for you if you don't have a preference

- if there is something you don't want in the box, sub-in for preserves (1 preserve for 2 veggie items) or choose from a short list of sub-ins within category, no more than 1 sub-in per week

- payment is by e-transfer, cheque or card through the webstore (if paying in multiple installments, please select "Manual Payment" at checkout)


- 20 weeks of delivery, if you are away for a week, you can replace the value in preserves, double up on another week, or receive credit for veggies after the CSA season

- You will receive an email every week to let you know what is in the box, option selections and sub-in requests must be made by 12pm the day before your delivery (maximum 1 sub-in per week)

- if you have food allergies, we will accommodate as best we can

- share will include information each week about the veggies you are receiving, and a digital recipe index, with 100+ recipes collected from online sources for you to get inspired

- Learn about cooking and preserving from us and other CSA members through our online Forum

- We try to accommodate all requests for picking up at a depot, and will let you know where your nearest location is as soon as we have depots signed up. Current Hamilton depots are located at: Province Ave N (Wednesdays - FULL), Melrose Ave N (Mondays), Smith Ave at Cannon St (Mondays - FULL), Tom Street (Mondays - FULL), Kensington Ave S (Mondays), Spadina Ave (Mondays) and pickup at the Ottawa Street Farmers Market on Saturdays

- All veggies will come from our farm, except for Asparagus/Rhubarb from Simpler Thyme Organic Farm in early June and to add extra variety in the event of crop failures. We will always let you know if there are items from other farms, and will only source locally from farms using organic practices

SEE OUR 2018 AND 2019 WEEK-BY-WEEK PICTURES FOR AN IDEA OF WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE! Pictures are of the Medium Box size (previously our only box). 

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