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COVID Policies and Back-to-School

September is almost here, and we've made the decision to send our kids back to school in classroom. It's a decision all parents are having to make for their kids and their families, and there's no right answer or even a permanent answer. This year has shown everyone that things can and will change - there's nothing we can do but keep making decisions based on the information we have.

We have been and will continue to be conscious of our customers' and our own safety. We continue to wear masks when harvesting and handling your produce, as well as washing and sanitizing our hands and surfaces regularly. In the event that we get sick, we will not be passing on any viruses or germs through the food that we sell. We hope everyone continues to feel confident in our practices. With more businesses and the schools opening up, there is a lot of potential for new anxieties. Rest assured your health is safe with us and our delicious, nutritious fresh produce.

Apologies to the customer pictured here, I don’t know your name, but hope you don’t mind appearing as a great example of considerate shopping at the market!

Silly kids :)

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