Systemic Racism, police brutality, food security and action

First of all, I just want to say that we (Nica and Adam and kids) do not live in a bubble, and we are very aware of everything that has been fermenting and bubbling over in our world right now. Just because we don't have time to post on social media about #blacklivesmatter, #defundthepolice and other issues, does not mean that we don't care or want to do something about these problems.

But also, these are not new problems. It's great when people are publicly pointing out systemic racism and police brutality. It's great when people are calling for action and realizing that we all have to do something about this. This is something that has been in Canada, in the US, and all over the world as long as governments have existed. Let's acknowledge that. All people who are NOT Black, Indigenous, "People of Colour" (we aren't the biggest fans of these labels, but they are useful in being clear what we are talking about), all people who consider themselves "Allies" instead of being directly impacted by racism, need to acknowledge that there have been times when we have done nothing. Now it's time to move on and do something. And we can't stop with gestures and words on social media. If we mean change, we have to actively pursue change. Let's include everyone in "we".

As farmers, we often don't have time to fold the laundry or do the dishes or call our parents (all mundane things that are important to do regularly). So we don't have the time to compile all the answers about what actions to take. There are many more qualified people talking and writing about taking action at this moment. I would encourage everyone who finds the phrase "Defund the Police" to be a scary one to do some research about what this is intended to mean by those who say it. Here's one person's breakdown of the implications:

Original post by Dr. Anthony James Hargraves

Here's a call to action that you can sign on to support (links for different Canadian cities) from Greenpeace: